4 Dos and Donts of Web Design

It is encouraged to make sure that all web designers know the Dos and Donts of a web design. If you aren’t familiar with web design essentials, you can always contact any web design Malaysia agencies.


  1. Responsive – Websites definitely need to be responsive as well as mobile-friendly due to the fact that most users would access a website via mobile.
  2. Clear navigation – A simple, straight-foward navigation should be implemented. This is to enable users to get to their end goal when they enter your website.
  3. Differentiating visited links – It’ll be easier for users to differentiate between links that they have already clicked and the links that they have not. This helps to prevent the user from having to click the same link more than once.
  4. Choosing high quality images – Nothing is worst than having images that are of bad quality. Not only is it a huge turn-off to users, it also ruins the entire webpage.


  1. Delay loading time – It can’t be stressed enough how important it is to have low loading time for your website. When a website takes too long to load, 99% of the users will exit the website immediately and go to another website.
  2. Prioritize looks over usability – Although beauty of the website is important, it is always better to provide a better user experience than making the website look pretty. Sometimes too much beauty is bad if the user doesn’t achieve their goal upon entering the website.
  3. Too many different fonts – It’s a general rule of thumb for every web designer to know that the maximum font types should be 2 or 3. Though it may be tempting to have many fonts on a single webpage, it is best to keep it to the minimum.
  4. Wall of Text – Without images, users won’t even bother staying on your page. Too much text will be tiring for users. Include a mixture of both images and text to achieve a better user experience.

Web designing is actually really easy if you get to know all the basics in order to create beautiful websites that users will love. For those that prefer an easy way out, take a chance on any web design Malaysia agencies that offers variety of web services.