Grab Your Razor iMod and Form an Electric Scooter Club!

A lot to her joy, we allowed our multi year old girl a Razor iMod for Christmas this year. Fortunately, we live in southern California, so she can ride it constantly. She would now be able to ride with her 3 different companions, who additionally have Razor iMod scooters from They reported a week ago that they need to shape an electric scooter club!

My significant other and I pondered, “what the hell is an electric scooter club?”Granted, the young ladies ride always together, so beginning a “club” appeared to be a solid match.

They are unquestionably an incredible sight in the area, as two of them have pink models, and every one of them have coordinating protective caps and knee pads.(of course)

What likewise makes it sort of intriguing to watch them, is that the Razor iMod has an iPod docking station, and a F.M. radio. In this way, it isn’t bizarre to be “cautioned” ahead of time of their entry, since it is much of the time joined by their preferred tunes.

Fortunately, for the neighbors, the engines are peaceful and they generally wear headsets. (be that as it may, not generally)

At any rate, back to this “scooter club” thought. They moved toward every one of the guardians with taking them to various goals each end of the week to ride their scooters together.

It was a smart thought in that we have various stops and bicycle riding trails in our general vicinity, and it would keep them off the boulevards.

They proposed that the guardians who have trucks could give transportation, while different guardians would give pressed snacks.

Stunning, they truly had the thought all around considered! The guardians promptly assented, and we set a date for the next Saturday to go to a huge park on the edges of our town.

Along these lines, on Saturday, we stacked up her Razor iMod, and we had the beginnings of an electric scooter club!